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Born in 1954 in Siebengewald in the Netherlands but ended up in a love affair with Africa especially Uganda with the kind and lovable people. For over 30 years I have traveled around Uganda more than most Ugandans but also in Congo, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa and many places in west Africa.  All started for me as a Hobby but because of my love for animals it became my profession. A Hobbyist with a special love for reptiles and smaller mammals since age of 7 in Netherlands. I am an animal expert and environmentalists in general and been in Uganda’s conservation since 20 years, I think I know Uganda like my Name. Have spent most of the time researching on snake’s chameleon, birds, and insects in Uganda but never left out the mammals. The diversity of animals made me love Uganda even more and i have experience which I want to share with many people as possible.

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