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Nizeyimana Innocent

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Born in 1984 and raised near Virunga Volcanoes and endemic mountain Gorillas South western Uganda Kisoro district. I followed all rituals of Bafumbira tribe as my fore fathers did. I fell in love with nature since childhood. Call me a village boy who underwent all modules of village life. A boy who did not require a watch to wake up early for school but rather wait for a call from a grey crowned crane bird. A child who went outside in dark to listen to the crickets sing. A boy who gathered with his family outside in the night for dinner under the moon. A village boy who riddled with elders and trimmed about story telling, folklore at the fire place. A young child who chewed an Aloevera leaf in case of malaria sickness Am a local guide with African touch who loves creating fond memories for his guests as his friends not tourist.

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