In 1908 the British governor Winston Churchill named Uganda
“The Pearl of Africa”.
A book, which he wrote after his all-around Africa trip, because he was so impressed by the beauty of Uganda.

In 2012 Uganda was ranked “The best wold tourist destination”
by the Lonely Planet crew.
Lonely Planet is the worlds leading travel publication.

The same year Bwindi and Murchison falls national park were voted among the top 10 destinations for bird watching, with Bwindi as the favorite.
Virunga Massif and Rwenzori ( mountains of the moon), is among the 10 most stunning hiking places in Africa.
In 2016 a US based cable news network named Uganda among world’s top five destinations for 2017. This was disclosed in the CNN publication “Your next destination Uganda”.
Do you wonder why?

Uganda has a diversity of wonderful landscape, lakes, rivers, green lush. And is the source of the mighty river Nile, the world’s longest river.
The diversity of wildlife, equator and the over 1000 species of birds which represents a half of all African total of birds and 12% of world total bird population.

But Uganda is not not only Gorilla trekking or chimpanzee.
Its true Gorilla trekking is a “life time experience” and its ranked number one activity in East Africa by Lonely Planet.
But it´s also a friendly country, with beautiful people.
Uganda has over 50 tribes each with a unique language, culture and traditions.Ugandans are said to be among the most generous people on the planet .
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