Meet the local people and wildlife

For us in Mgahinga Walking Safari is a joy to take you out on running treks or a safari. You go with us to our home grounds, so of cause our travels are based on the principal of responsible eco travel.

All our trips are strictly nature and ecofriendly, and is based on the idea, that we leave no more than our footprints in nature. We have learned that it is the best way, to give you a genuine understanding of Africa, her wildlife and her people.

 Real insights, minimum impact

There are tremendous wildlife and nature attractions in East Africa, but the effect of tourism on fragile environments and indigenous culture is often degrading. This need don´t to be so, and we want to avoid contributing to further damage on nature. On the other hand, we in Mgahinga Walking Safari welcomes foreign visitors, and we know that they can bring change and benefits to the people of Africa.
Our tours are designed, to give you real insights into the lands we travel through, but always with minimum impact on the people and places we visit.
Have you ever wondered where the money goes when you visit a destination?
Used wisely the money you spend on your trip, can have a huge importance on local communities and future of country’s heritage, for communities in and around national parks and protected areas. 
Well planned tourism creates employment and improves livelihoods, providing incentive to defend and protect important ecosystems on which they and tourism activities depend.

Our intelligent alternative for a long term sustainability

Mgahinga Walking Safari provides an intelligent way of meeting the gorgeous wildlife of Africa. We will make you feel the real Africa, and still discover the wildlife spectaculars. Our trips it’s beyond an Itinerary package. We will never make you feel like package tourist, but rather a nature friend.

Much as we in Mgahinga Walking Safari operates in a competitive market. We are very determent, that  the local people should be a part of and realize the rewards from tourism. Because if they have interest in safeguarding and protecting the environment, we will preserve not only an income, but also the magnificent wildlife of Africa.
Our support for local tour guides, site guides, local communities, etc. contribute to the long-term sustainability of locals in managing their own natural resources hence curbing the wildlife human conflict.

Local expertise – local welcome

We in Mgahinga Walking Safari are providing a team, where no one is simply there to drive vehicles. All your helpers know wildlife, plants, history, and folklore of the country. Which combined will making your holiday experience so much richer with true African fond memories.

Our sensitive interaction with different cultures is designed to promote greater understanding of our hugely different lifestyles. You will not see locals as only a photo opportunity, but will get to meet them, talk with them, out in bush, on a local bar inside a mud hut etc. So, both you and them, will have the opportunity for a lifetime friendly experience.