• Where can I obtain a Uganda tourist Visa?

You can obtain a VISA at your nearest Uganda Embassy or consulate. (You can also obtain a Visa on arrival) at airport immigration office by paying $ 50. It’s easy and fast. NOTE, A single tourist Visa ($100) for three East African Countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. This can be obtained at first country of entry.

  • What Uganda’s Airport and which Airlines can I book to Uganda?

Entebbe is Uganda’s international airport (EBB) There are both international, regional and domestic flights that Connect Entebbe to the world and national parks. Airline include KLM, Brussels, Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Kenya airways, Ethiopian, SA, Rwanda air Aero link (domestic) for more airlines see http:// Entebbe airport.com/flight. Information/

  • Is there any age /group and fitness limit for Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking?

Children below 16 will not be allowed to do Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. There is no upper age limit. Arrangement for physically challenged persons available to allow them carryout Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking.

  • How many group members and for how many hours can we enjoy Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking?

Gorilla family is viewed by maximum of 8 people for an hour per day. Moving and after chimpanzee trekking is organized in 3 groups of 6 per guide and viewing is 1 hour per lesion but you can opt for a special full day habitation experience in Kibale forest National park.

  • What should park for Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking?

1. Strong study shoes 2. A good hat that shades you well 3. A rain jacket in Uganda, it can rain any time 4. Long sleeve shirts, long trousers, First drying materials is suggested 5. Mosquito and insect repel and sum screen 6. Camera with extra batteries and films or strong chip 7. Back pack or light bag to carry your camera and packed lunch and water

  • What currency can I use on a trip to Uganda?

Most payments will be in Uganda shillings USD is the most widely accepted foreign currency in Uganda. Some places you may pay in USD especially in National Park and crafts shops. You will need to exchange some of your USD into Uganda shillings bring new, clean, undamaged $ 50 or $ 100 for setting the best rate at forex bureass. Old notes below 2003 an well on $ 1 $ 5 $ 10 $ 20 attract lower rates. Other international currencies like Ero, Pound, Swiss francs are exchanged here in our banks and forex bureass in Uganda.

  • Can I use credit card payment in Uganda?

Most banks with wide networks of ATMs allow to withdraw Uganda shillings at the day exchange rate VISA, master card, JCB and AMEX can also be used at some establishment in Kampala and up market lodges in national parks.

  • What is the common language of your guides?

English is the official language of Uganda. All drivers’ guides speak English in addition to about 2 local languages. We also have Germany, France, Spanish, Dutch and Spanish guides .

  • Is there safe drinking water in Uganda?

Mgahinga walking safaris will provide you with complementary bottled mineral water every day at least 1 liter. Do not drink tap water. Most restaurant and hotels have bars where you can have water beers and wines.

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